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Immortal journalists
In memory of our colleagues
As of today, 22 journalists and media workers have been killed as a result of Russian aggression in Ukraine. Unfortunately, this number may increase, as the war is still ongoing.

The professionals whose memory we honor with this project, wanted to stop it. They are brothers in arms. Their weapon is truth. Truth is what scares the aggressor the most. He does not want the world to receive evidence of his crimes against humanity, freedom and democracy. Our heroes collected these testimonies, despite the threat to personal safety.

In Ukraine, we say - "Heroes do not die"!
They will live forever in our hearts. But most importantly - in their stories.
Our mission is to continue the work of the deсeased media professionals. To tell the truth which they sacrificed their lives for. To show the world the real face of the aggressor.

We urge you to honor the fallen heroes by supporting free journalism. Spreading the truth about Russia's war crimes. Encouraging society and politicians to make the necessary decisions to really support Ukraine and put an end to the war.

War = is death. But we can stop it. Together. Don’t be silent!
Oleksandr Makhov
journalist, war reporter, TV channels Ukraine, Ukraine 24, DOM
Natalia Kharakoz
Journalist, writer
Maksym Medynsky
Journalist, Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine
Oksana Haydar
Journalist, bloger "Ruda Pani"
Oleksiy Chubashev
Journalist, Army FM, Military TV
Frederic Leclerc Imhoff
Journalist, BFMTV, France
Abdulkarim Gulamov
TV host, M2 channel, Ukraine
Oleksandr Savochenko
Journalist, Suspilne, Ukraine
Oleksiy Yurchenko
Сameraman, Priamyi TV-channel, Ukraine
Yuriy Leliavskyi
War correspondent, journalist, Ukraine
All journalists on the list

Pierre Zakrzewski - cameraman, Fox News Channel, Ireland - Media Memorial Day

Oksana Baulina - journalist, The Insider, Russia

Roman Nezhiborets - video director, "Ditynets" TV channel, Ukraine

Victor Dudar - correspondent, journalist, war reporter, newspaper "Express" - Media Memorial Day

Oleg Yakunin - editor,, Ukraine - Media Memorial Day

Brent Renaud - documentalist, director, Time, USA - Media Memorial Day

Yuriy Oliynyk - cameraman, photojournalist, Channel 24, ZAXID.NET, Ukraine - Media Memorial Day

Evgeny Sakun - cameraman, «Kyiv.LIVE» TV channel, Ukraine - Media Memorial Day

Maxim Levin - photojournalist, Ukraine - Media Memorial Day

Victor Dedov - chief director, senior cameraman "Sigma" TV channel, Mariupol, Ukraine - Media Memorial Day

Eugene Bal - journalist, writer, Ukraine - Media Memorial Day

Zoreslav Zamoysky - journalist, «Community of Priirpinnia», Ukraine - Media Memorial Day

Dilerbek Shakirov - journalist Weekly Newspaper "Around you", Ukraine - Media Memorial Day

Mantas Kvedaravičius - documentary filmmaker, Lietuvos Respublika - Media Memorial Day

Alexandra Kuvshinova - journalist, fixer, Fox News, Ukraine - Media Memorial Day

Vira Hyrych - journalist, producer Radio Svoboda, Ukraine - Media Memorial Day

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