Yuriy Oliynyk
Cameraman, photojournalist, Channel 24, ZAXID.NET
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Yuriy Oliynyk is a Ukrainian cameraman and photographer. After the start of the Russian invasion, he went to the front and fought in the Luhansk region. He died on March 23 in the city of Popasna in a battle with Russian troops.

The aggressor seeks to wipe out any mention of his crimes from the face of the earth. Therefore, they kill all possible witnesses - military, civilians and journalists.

If Yuriy Oliynyk had not died defending Ukraine, he could have brought thousands of stories from the front.

How the Luhansk region held the country's defences and how the Russian military carried out unsuccessful attempts to capture Popasna and Rubizhne.

How the brave soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine held back the advance of the Russian army of many thousands, daily destroying enemy tanks, armoured personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles and enemy artillery.

The world would know how Russian infidels do not allow civilians to be evacuated. How, unable to capture the city, the Russians are trying to destroy Popasna with artillery shelling day and night. How the Luhansk region turns into ruins, and its inhabitants live in bomb shelters for more than 50 days.

The killings and shootings of journalists are a gross violation of international law.
The enemy can turn a blind eye to laws, but he cannot close the eyes of the world to crimes. After all, honouring the memory of those who died for the truth, we will continue to tell it.

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