Zoreslav Zamoysky
Journalist, «Community of Priirpinnia»
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From the very beginning of the full-scale war, activist and journalist Zoreslav Zamoisky found himself at the epicentre of hostilities in Bucha, where he lived. On March 5, communication with him was lost. After the liberation of the Kyiv region from the occupation, his body was found in Bucha with signs of violent death.

The aggressor seeks to wipe out any evidence of his crimes from the face of the earth. Therefore, they kill all possible witnesses - military, civilians and journalists.

If Zoreslav had not been killed by the Russian military, he could have told the world how these picturesque towns were under enemy occupation from the first days of the war until April, how they bravely fought and did not allow the enemy to go further.

The world could hear his testimonies about the terrible genocide in Bucha, Irpen and Gostomel, where the number of civilians tortured by the Russian invaders is still not exactly known. After all, the number of found victims is growing every day.

He would have made a report on how the Russian troops mocked the civilian population, violating all the laws of war and humanity.

The killings and shootings of journalists are a gross violation of international law. The enemy can turn a blind eye to laws, but he will not be able to close the eyes of the world to crime. After all, respecting the memory of those who died for the truth, we will continue to tell it.

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