Oksana Baulina
Journalist, The Insider
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Oksana Baulina died on March 23 in the Podolsky district of Kyiv due to Russian shelling. A journalist from The Insider was collecting material for a report on the destruction of the capital of Ukraine when the aggressor fired again at a civilian area.

The aggressor seeks to wipe out any mention of his crimes from the face of the earth. Therefore, they kill all possible witnesses - military, civilians and journalists.

If the journalist Oksana Baulina had not been killed, she could have told about the crimes committed by the Russian army in Kyiv.

She would write that there are no military installations in the Podol region, where Russian missiles landed. Instead, the targets of the aggressor were new buildings, a square and a shopping centre. She would show destroyed peaceful houses in whose yards children were playing yesterday.

Oksana Baulina could tell the stories of people who lost their homes because of the twisted ambitions of Kremlin politicians.

The killings and shootings of media workers are a gross violation of international law. The enemy can turn a blind eye to laws, but he will not be able to close the eyes of the world to crime. After all, honouring the memory of those who died for the truth, we will continue to tell their immortal stories.
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