Roman Nezhiborets
Video director, "Ditynets" TV channel
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Roman Nezhiborets, video director of the Chernihiv TV channel Dytynets. Shot during the occupation of the village of Yagidne near Chernihiv.

He was detained by the Russian occupation troops in the courtyard of his own house while trying to convey to his colleagues a request to delete messages in working journalistic chats.

The aggressor seeks to wipe out any mention of his crimes from the face of the earth. Therefore, they kill all possible witnesses - military, civilians and journalists.

If the military, who occupied Yagidne, had not shot Roman, he could have told his colleagues and released a story about the village's month under occupation.

The fact that on two of the four streets of the village, there was not a single surviving house left. About how the invaders kept 300 people in the basement of the school. How the hostages died of suffocation. How the Russian military shelled the cemetery at the moment when the villagers tried to bury their neighbors.

The killings and shootings of media workers are a gross violation of international law. The enemy can turn a blind eye to laws, but he cannot close the eyes of the world to crimes. After all, honouring the memory of those who died for the truth, we will continue to tell their immortal stories.

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